MPC for Winamp 2/5 Plugin 0.99g

Image MPC for Winamp 2/5 Plugin 0.99g
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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Add-on for playing MPC audio with Winamp"

If you want to play Musepack type sound files with the Winamp program you must install an add-on like MPC for Winamp 2/5 Plugin that enables the processing of these files. All audio files in MPC format can be enjoyed using the player regardless of their weight.

The Musepack format has the great advantage of offering excellent sound quality, but this is paid for both by high MPC file weights and low compatibility when dealing with them. Luckily there is MPC for Winamp 2/5 Plugin, a plug-in that allows you to play them with Winamp.

After placing the DLL file in the Plugins directory associated with the playback program, it will be possible to open any Musepack sound file, thus enjoying outstanding audio quality.